At Leah Light we guarantee a safe, hygienic and top quality experience! 

We use only the highest quality products and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services!

Every woman know’s that quality is key when it comes to gorgeous nails. Not only do our clients walk out with beautiful nails, they also walk out with the knowledge that each customised disposable file pack has been used only on them, and that we have the highest of hygiene standards. 

Cancellation Policy 

Gel Polish
Basic Manicure with Gel Polish from $65
Feature Nails - Simple from $2.50 per nail
Feature Nails - Basic from $5 per nail
Feature Nails - Detailed from $10 per nail
Gel Polish Removal & Mini Manicure (including IBX) from $45
Removal at Time of Reapplication from $10


Gel / Acrylic
Acrylic Extensions from $100 (includes traditional polish)
Acrylic or Gel Nail Rebalance (backfill) from $55 (includes traditional polish)
Acrylic Overlay from $70 (includes traditional polish)
Temporary Tips from $70 (includes traditional polish)
Add on: Gel polish to your service from $30
Natural Nail
Basic Manicure from $35 (includes traditional polish)
Deluxe Manicure from $75 (includes traditional polish)
"Nail Rehab" Manicure from $45 (includes traditional polish)


Basic Traditional Polish Pedicure from $40 (includes traditional polish)
Deluxe Traditional Polish Pedicure from $75 (includes traditional polish)
Basic Gel Polish Pedicure from $60
Deluxe Gel Polish Pedicure from $95
*Please note removal of existing gel polish is an extra cost of $10