Welcome to Miller Road. A boutique candle company aspiring to evoke memories. Proudly hand poured in New Zealand.

Welcome to Miller Road Candles. We are so excited to share their beautiful hand poured Soy fragranced candles with you and the people you love. Miller Road Candles make an affordable gift for friends, and add a daily luxury to your own home. Our candles are stylishly packaged, and tied with our signature ribbon.


In this elegant scent, the intensity of the lily is gently wrapped in the oriental notes of fresh cut bamboo. The woody musk creates a warm, yet fresh scent that will entice, and float through the air of any home. Bamboo + White Lily is unobtrusive, and is enjoyed by everyone who smells it, so we often recommend this fragrance as a gift, in the event you are not sure of the persons preferred fragrance.

A distinctive combination of ripe strawberries and raspberries with notes of champagne and roses. With top notes of raspberry and leafy greens, that successfully compliment the heart notes of champagne, red rose and strawberry, balanced with the base notes of vanilla bean and hyacinth, this scent is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

COCONUT + LIME - Citrus Aromatic
None of our scents take you to the islands quite like coconut + lime. The top notes include a luscious blend of juicy citrus such as lemon & lime, and paired with the heart notes of creamy coconut and fresh florals, you could almost eat this candle. The base notes of vanilla and sandalwood ensure the candle achieves a rounded blend.

FIG - Fruity Green
Our fig fragrance incorporates a fruity, green, and herbal blend in the heart of the candle, mixing beautifully with its earthy base and sweet top notes. The fig fragrance has proven to be extremely popular, no doubt because of it's accessible scent that is welcoming to anyone who comes across it.

We've been told that smelling the flower shop fragrance is equivalent to smelling a gorgeous bunch of flowers. It's tuberose top notes with it's lavender and logan berry heart notes ensure the scent remains simple, yet unique. Including alluring white flowers, the flower shop fragrance is a real floral tribute.

FRENCH PEAR - Fruity, with a touch of spice
French Pear has been a very popular fragrance in our range since the beginning. The top notes include green apple, white lily and osmanthus, with the heart notes being where the pear is really brought through. To give the fragrance just a touch of spice, the base notes include cinnamon and davana, but are counterbalanced by notes of whipped cream and vanilla.

LIME, BASIL + MANDARIN - Citrus Aromatic Fouge're
This premium fragrance combines fresh zesty citrus top notes of lime and mandarin, undertoned with heart and base notes of basil and herbs. The fragrance is one of our more masculine, and provides a very unisex scent for everyone.

MANDARIN + MIMOSA - Citrus with a touch of floral
Mandarin + Mimosa is the perfect fragrance for citrus lovers! With top notes that sparkle with crisp dew fruit, mandarin oranges, tangerines and sweet berries, you're sure to get your fill of citrus. Underneath that, the heart notes are a deluxe combination of pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, fruity jasmine and soft lavender, with base notes of beautiful lily, and vanilla to round out the scent.

In this fragrance, sweet pea and white jasmine combine to create the ultimate in floral elegance. With the delicate additions of watermelon and cucumber this uplifting fragrance is perfectly balanced. Widely enjoyed by our younger customers, this fragrance is so good, you'll want to eat it.

WHITE WOODS - Woody spice gourmand
One of our newer fragrances, this has proven to be a hit among our customers (and a favourite here at Miller Road too). Within this candle, white Indian sandalwood is blended with creamy almond, white musk, cedar and exotic spices. In the notes, you'll also find marshmallow, cashmere and white patchoulli, giving it a very elegant aroma, and the woods emerge from the base notes of cedar and amber.

This vanilla fragrance is gorgeous. It is filled with fruits - lemon, apricot - and also jasmine and tonka - giving it a perfume that is almost too good not to eat. The best thing about our vanilla fragrance is that its calorie free!