Internationally recognised Nail Stylist & Entrepreneur, Leah Light has been in the beauty industry her whole life, Originally starting her training as a hairdresser & makeup artist she followed on her training by becoming a nail technician over two decades ago. The Beauty industry and education is Leah's passion and have allowed her the opportunity to work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and P!nk to name just a few. Leah's work has graced the covers of magazines and music videos across the globe.

Leah & her husband Geoff own three of New Zealand's most successful nail, beauty and hair studios in Auckland New Zealand along with a distribution company (OMG Beauty Solutions) supporting the nail and beauty industry, distributing well-known international brands such as Lecenté, Noir Tanning Solutions & Yours Cosmetics throughout Australia/New Zealand

Having the opportunity to work alongside some amazingly talented people, something became very apparent to Leah: Why can't / shouldn't the everyday woman (or man) be pampered like a star? This is where her vision was born.

With a cult following of over 500,000 across her social media platforms Leah's brands continues to grow at astounding rates. Leah Light Studios is all about pampering & providing you with that "something special" on those days you want to feel like a star.

We will only have the best people and products to share your experience with - that is our promise! Over the past two decades, Leah has been very fortunate to learn from the very best in the industry and is thrilled to be able to share her knowledge now with others.


Come and experience the best, Leah & Geoff xx